Pretty Little Liars nefarious ‘A’ continues to up his or her game this Tuesday (ABC Family, 8/7c) by taunting the girls with more artifacts from Alison’s grave. Twenty-five more, to be exact.

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It seems Emily left just over two dozen sentimental postcards exchanged between the two in Ali’s casket before her burial — and said correspondence is now being delivered back to the Liar, one by one by one. Creepy, no?

Press PLAY below to watch Em and Spencer grapple with A’s latest torment, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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girls300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girls, The Good Wife, New Girl and Supernatural!

1 | Could there a correlation between Andy Samberg’s rather random Saturday Night Live return/face time and the fact that he now has a sitcom pilot in contention?

2 | What did Girls‘ Allison Williams do to piss off Lena Dunham? Three episodes into Season 2 and her Marnie character has already endured a painfully awkward sex scene with a gay man and, this week, a threesome involving a doll! And why in the world would Marnie stick around (much less sleep with) Booth Jonathan after he locked her in his chamber of visual and auditory horrors? If his creepy coital talk about the doll didn’t dissuade her from further hook-ups, what

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Hurricane Andy is about to blow back into The Office — and based on the following sneak peek pics, Erin is none too happy about it.

The below photos — from both “Couples Discount” (airing Feb. 7, NBC) and “Moving On” (Feb. 14) — depict the not-so-triumphant return of Ed Helms’ MIA Dunder Mifflin boss. While the rest of the gang seems happy enough with Andy’s homecoming, his gal pal Erin looks almost as uncomfortable as her new crush Pete.

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Elsewhere in the shots, Jim and Pam (finally) share a happy moment — smiles and all — when she turns up in Philly for a job interview. (Sob!)

Scroll through the images below, then hit the comments!

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Sleeping with Sirens saved my life. Literally


If you ever say Sleeping with Sirens doesn’t care about their fans I will fight you. I saw them November 2nd in Worchester, MA.
 I was passed out in the crowd and Kellin, Jack and Justin had to inform security. Justin had stopped playing and Kellin stopped singing and were hitting the security guards because they did not even notice me.  I was in second row and security didn’t help me any.
When I actually fainted after being pulled out they (Kellin, Justin and Jack) came outside to make sure I was alright. Kellin informed me that he almost stopped the show, and according to everyone that was around me, that was true.
When a band almost stops their set to make sure you’re ok, because security can’t do their job, you know they love their fans. So if you have anything bad to say about them, you can kindly take a…

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Music News: Sleeping With Sirens Record New Album


Sleeping with Sirens have been touring with Pierce the Veil on the “Collide with the Sky” tour for the past couple months. With the end of the tour, Jesse Lawson, Jack Fowler, Justin Hill, Gabe Barham and Kellin Quinn have been tweeting about their trip to the studio. Fans await in anticipation as more talk filters in about their new album.

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