TVLine’s Performer of the Week: Sara Ramirez


129340_1872A new feature in which we spotlight the past week’s shining star


THE SHOW |Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

THE EPISODE | “Run, Baby, Run”

THE AIRDATE | December 13, 2012

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THE PERFORMANCE | Sara Ramirez knows how to navigate a dicey storyline (the Callie/Erica romance, the musical episode, etc.), so it doesn’t surprise us that she’s kicking major butt with the current Arizona-as-amputee arc. Nonetheless, we were taken aback by the depth, humor and restraint she brought to this week’s episode, in which Callie stopped being polite and started telling her wife — played by Jessica Capshaw, also rising to this storyline’s challenges — to “suck it up and stop whining and start living.”

In a lesser actor’s hands, the speech (which you can read in its entirety here) could’ve come…

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