“She lived in a Fairy Tale somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she left behind.” -Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

Sincerely, Natalie Marie

Think back to your childhood. Back when sex was just your gender, phrases like “This sucks!” got you a spanking, and one dollar could buy you almost anything from the Ice Cream truck. Those were the days, weren’t they? As I am getting closer to graduation, people keep telling me that these are the best days of my life and I shouldn’t wish them away. But to me, the best days of my life are already gone.

I grew up in a reasonable size house surrounded by a good amount of woods and a creek in the backyard. I lived in a Fairytale. Quite literally, if you knew my neighbors. There were approximately 15 girls from ages 2-13 cul-de-sac to cul-de-sac, and we all knew and played with each other. We were always outside, always barefoot, and always sun tanned (or burned depending on the kid). We were always playing…

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