Outfit of the Day: That’s What You Get


Hey, there!

A little something different today. My outfit is slightly inspired by Hayley Williams’ (from Paramore) look in the ‘That’s What You Get” music video. I’m a big Paramore fan and I’ve always loved Hayley’s style.
In case you don’t know Paramore or have never seen this video before, here are some stills from it so you can see what I was going off of:

Now here’s my interpretation. Remember, this is just an inspired look… so nothing is exact.
DSCN2752DSCN2753DSCN2754Photo on 12-16-12 at 2.19 PM #2
The Outfit

  • Black Polo- Aeropostale
  • Skinny Jeans- Bullhead
  • Checkered Slip-Ons- Vans

I am also wearing a black woven leather belt my mother gave me. And of course, since it’s cold out, I’ll just throw on a hoodie over this look when I go outside.

The Makeup
I did a more subtle version of Hayley’s cat eye. I’m wearing my usual Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and Covergirl powder…

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